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Tad K. Morlan Auto Accident Help app is an easy to use and fully featured auto accident and injury reporting and logging app. This is the auto accident app as featured by Attorney Tad K. Morlan. It was created to help you easily record the important aspects of an auto accident, that is for YOU. You do not have to send directly to a insurance company like other similar apps.

The Tad K. Morlan – Auto Accident Help app gives you the control over the information concerning your auto accident. It allows you to do with the information, as you need! This is unlike the insurance company auto accident apps that just want to get your auto accident details quickly, before you have time to process all that has happened. With the Tad K. Morlan Auto Accident Help app you can easily add the details of your accident and share how you see fit. You can even send directly to Tad K. Morlan for a free review of your report.

Auto accidents are a part of driving and if you have found yourself in the unfortunate event then the Tad K. Morlan – Auto Accident Help app will help you get the information you need and do so in an easy way.


• Create multiple profiles for everyone in your family, including

• Insurance information – easily connect it to drivers and vehicles under the policy

• Input all the vehicles in your family or fleet – tie to drivers in your profile and insurance policy

• Contact phone numbers that you can call directly from the app

• In an accident, just select the driver and vehicle being driven and instantly all your information pre-populates the proper fields, including insurance policy info

• Fully detailed report and history

• Take unlimited photos or select from photo library and have them connect directly to the correct area of the report

• Call emergency numbers, such as 911 or any you have predefined in your profile

• Call buttons to make direct calls

• GPS location service to record the precise location of the accident, plus have it put the coordinates and show a map of the location in the report (your choice to allow or not allow)

• Voice record – in addition to text input you can voice record the scene of the accident while it’s fresh in your mind

• Visually and textually input any injuries you or anyone else may have obtained

• Important witness input section

• The app bundles all information, photos and audio into a nicely formatted report that allows you to review in the app, send in email, or send to DropBox

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