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Be Wary of Social Media After an Auto Accident

At this point, almost everyone is on social media. When big events happen, we tend to post about them on our Facebook, Instagram, and other feeds. Although we don’t mean to do so, these posts just might reveal negative things about the accident. They can help the other drivers’ insurance with evidence on the accident, as well as make it easier to place blame on you. Being careful about what you post is crucial to keeping your privacy about the accident intact and giving you the best chance possible to get a favorable outcome after the case.

Refrain from posting about the accident. We understand that most people want to let their friends know that they are okay, but we’d recommend that you limit the amount of information people know about the accident. Publicly posting about the accident and all the details could potentially back you into a corner when it comes to dealing with the case down the road.

Make sure your page is only seen by the people you want to see it. For many profiles, the default privacy setting is set to public – which means anyone and everyone can see what you post about. Change the setting to private or to your friends so that you know people you don’t know aren’t able to see your information.

For people really worried about their social media during a case, you could delete your profile completely, or utilize the option to “take a break” on Facebook. Only speak with trusting individuals about the accident, especially if you know there will be potential issues with the case.

In fact, we recommend only speaking in detail about what happened with your traffic accident attorney. This lawyer should have a lot of experience with cases like yours, and you should feel comfortable with them handling the information. To give you the best chance of getting a good outcome from your case, call Tad Morlan today.

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