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Fog Driving Safety Tips states that “fog forms when air moves over a cold surface.” This not only creates a dangerous situation due to the bad visibility, but also because of the chance that you won’t be able to see ice on the road underneath the fog. Because the weather is always so unpredictable, it’s important to stay on top of the changing temperatures – especially when it gets below freezing. Salt trucks can get rid of the snow and ice on the road, but they can’t get rid of the fog. Below are some tips on how you can maximize your visibility in the fog and be safer while driving through it.


  • Don’t drive as fast. It doesn’t matter how late you are, it isn’t worth the risk. If you can’t see well, that means other people can’t either. Do everyone a favor, and take it slow.
  • Get off your phone. Being distracted on top of having low visibility is a recipe for disaster. Texting your friend back can wait until you have arrived safely to wherever you are going.
  • Never use your high beams. These bounce back much more in the fog than low beams or fog lights, creating a glare. If you do have fog lights, using those are much safer for everyone.
  • Turn on your lights. This isn’t meant to contradict the tip above – but you definitely do need to have your lights (low beam/fog lights) on so that other drivers can see you through the fog. Having these on will also activate your tail lights, so that drivers behind you can see you as well.


If conditions outside are so bad you almost can’t see it all, your best bet is just to stay put. It is not worth it to risk your life (and the lives of others) trying to get out when you most likely will get into a car accident. Contact Tad Morlan if you have been in an accident caused by someone not taking the proper safety precautions for fog or if you have gotten in an accident due to the bad weather. Stay safe with all the foggy roads out there, especially in valleys around the area where there will be more dense fog than other places!

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