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Hitting Someone with No Brake Lights

We’ve all seen people with broken tail lights – and they’re usually followed by people slamming on their brakes, right? Brake lights are there to warn drivers behind the car that they are slowing down, and when they aren’t working it can get pretty dangerous for the people around them. Broken tail lights most often lead to a rear-end car accident and can provide severe injuries. Know that if you have rear-ended someone without working brake lights, you may not be at total fault for the accident.

One of the most dangerous scenarios involving non-working brake lights is on the highway and while driving at night. Without brake lights, other drivers can not see you very well in the dark, making an accident very likely. You also run the risk of getting pulled over and being fined by a police officer. These tickets can range anywhere from $75+ including court fees.

Most of the time, if you hit someone with malfunctioning brake lights you will still be partly responsible for the accident. Of the few times the driver with non-working brake lights is found at fault, the other party must have sufficient evidence that they are to blame. Extreme, sudden stops, and reversing immediately after stopping could be cause for the driver without working brake lights to be at fault, but every accident is different.

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