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Preventing Summer Slips & Falls

Summertime is here!  As you gear up to enjoy the warmer weather, it is important to prioritize safety.  It is easy to assume slip and fall injuries occur primarily in the winter, but there are plenty of hazards that can put you at risk in the summer months.

Slips & Falls can result in a wide range of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, hip injuries, and broken bones.  Here are some guidelines for avoiding falls during the summer season.

 Know your surroundings:

Summer is the season to get out of the house and spend some time outdoors.  Neighborhood barbecues, camping trips and beach vacations are all great ways to take advantage of the warm weather.  Each of these have their own unique terrain and present more hazards than you would find in your living room.  It is important o watch where you are always going to ensure you do not trip on a stray gardening tool or tree root.

Be careful around Swimming Pools:

A swimming pool is a great place to relax and have fun during the summer.  But they pose a serious threat for slipping and falling.  When water collects around the pool, it makes it difficult to maintain your footing.  Watch out for slippery surfaces and walk slowly whenever you are near a pool.

Summer Footwear can be Hazardous:

The arrival of warmer weather also means sandal season!  Flip flops and sandals are less secure than other types of footwear and often have less grip, which can cause a slip and fall accident.  They also provide less coverage and will not protect your feet as well in case of an accident.  Always wear appropriate footwear for the environment you are going to be in to minimize the risk of injury.

Watch out at amusement parks:

With many options in Missouri to have a day of fun at an amusement park, you and your family must be cautious when you are attending any of these parks.  Wet surfaces, food and drink spills, large crowds and uneven pavement can easily cause slip & fall accidents.

Common Slipping Hazards:

Summer months can bring frequent rain showers.  With the sidewalks being warm, adding rain to the mix makes for slippery conditions.  Always be careful when walking on sidewalks after rainfall.  Also, be aware of any cracks in the sidewalk, as these can cause you to trip while walking or even riding your bike.

Poor Lighting:

Poor lighting is also a factor when it comes to slipping and falling.  Walking around outside or even inside a property if you are not familiar with it under poor lighting conditions may make it difficult for you to get around and there could be plenty of things that may cause you to fall.

When avoiding slip and falls, it really comes down to common sense and just paying attention.  Never run when around pools or around puddles of water, especially when wearing shoes such as sandals or heels.  Always be aware of any signs around that warn you to dangerous conditions.  In addition to knowing how to avoid a slip and fall, it is helpful to know what to do if you do end up being injured in a slip and fall.

After being injured in a slip and fall, you should always seek medical assistance right away and report the incident.  Then you will need to file a personal injury claim.  An experienced personal injury attorney will sit down with you to review your options and give you the legal advice you need.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall this summer and looking for a skilled accident or personal injury attorney, KNOW WHAT TO DO, Call Tad today!  417-865-4400

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