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Road Trip Safety on Spring Break

With Spring Break around the corner and most of us ready to hit the road for the first time in over a year, we put together some tips to keep you safe.

Before leaving you should have your vehicle checked out.  Oil change, fluids, and tires properly inflated.  The last thing you want to deal with on a road trip is a break down.

Here are a few other tips:

1 – Have a Plan – We’re sure you know where you’re going, but do you know the route? Rest areas, gas stations, how often you’ll take breaks? There are stretches of highway that won’t have gas stations for miles at a time. It’s always good to have a plan!

2 – Take Breaks – Driving when you’re tired is no joke.  It causes at least 100,000 crashes every year.  Listen to your body, and if you are too tired to stay alert, ask someone else to drive or stop for a nap.  Making good time on the road is not worth causing an accident.

3 – Rotate Drivers – If you are driving a long distance, there is no reason to not share that responsibility.  Even if you are not feeling tired, take turns behind the wheel.

4 – Break up the Drive – If you do not have multiple drivers, consider dividing your travel into a couple of days rather than one nonstop trip. Pick a halfway point or plan to visit a friend along the journey.  Its all about the journey not just the destination.

5 – Road Conditions – Pay attention!  Your destination may have sun and fun ahead but pay attention to the weather and road conditions during your travel.  Spring brings frequent construction and winters potholes to repair.

6 – Follow Local Laws – Even within the US, rules and regulations are different throughout the country. This is even more true on the road when traffic laws and other forms of etiquette may change as you cross the state lines.

Make the most of your travel plans by practicing safe and defensive driving.  Getting to your destination depends on how carefully you drive.  Use the tips above to stay safe so you can have fun too!

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