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Staying Safe After You’ve Been in an Accident

Getting in an accident is frightening – especially when you have to consider more than just damage to your car or the injuries from the accident. These days you have to be prepared for so much more. With all the scary stories going around about people getting run over after getting out of their car and even getting kidnapped after fender benders, we should all pay attention to what’s going on around us even when we’re dealing with the shock of the accident. For your safety, here’s what we would recommend you do:

Look around you. Are you on a dark road in the middle of the night, with no one else around? Keep the doors locked and call the police. You should have to file a report with them anyway, and you will also have extra protection if the other party gets violent.

If the other person comes to your car and you don’t feel comfortable getting out, crack your window to talk to them. Let them know that the police are on their way, and that you will get out to assess the damage and trade information whenever they get there.

If the other person is obviously very agitated, do NOT confront them – even if you know the accident was their fault. Call the police immediately for your own safety if you haven’t already.

When there’s a possibility of other accidents because of bad weather (remember that icy pileup on 44 last winter?) be sure to stay inside your car until help arrives. Stay buckled and alert, and get off the road if at all possible.

Not only are we there to help you as your lawyer after an accident, but we also want to encourage you to be as safe as possible. It’s sad that this needs to be written, but it’s necessary. Recent events prove that it’s more than just an accident that can cause you harm – it’s the people you get into accidents with and your surroundings as well.

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