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Steps of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits are typically very time-consuming and stressful for the victims involved. Because of the fact that each case is different, that means that you can have a different experience compared to someone else. However, here’s what people should expect when going through their lawsuit:


  1. Hire an attorney. Getting a lawyer is absolutely crucial when filing your lawsuit, as they will be able to explain to you the entire process, as well as what you all need to do. Having someone there to represent you in court is important to make sure you understand what’s going on and can argue your side in court.
  2. Start working on the case. It’s important to know that these types of cases are not quick claims, and can even take 3+ years to completely be done with. This stage is where you bring all of your evidence to the table, including medical records, police reports, and witness testimonials.
  3. A lot of ‘smaller’ personal injury claims are settled way before trial to keep costs down and to reach an agreement quicker. Your attorney will be able to negotiate for you and set up a mediation meeting to figure out your claim.
  4. The big day – the trial! If mediations or negotiations don’t settle your claim, you’ll be headed to the trial! Again, your attorney will be representing during the trial and will be there as your guide to walk you through everything. They will be there to fight for everything you need, whether that’s compensation, backpay, etc. From there, a jury verdict will decide what you will receive.
  5. If you owe money, this will be collected through the court itself.


As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Tad Morlan is able to seek justice for you in the court system to ensure you get all of your deserved money damages and compensation for the incident. If you would like a consultation for your case, please call 1-800-246-8000.

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