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What Happens When You Don’t Pay A Speeding Ticket?
Officer writing a ticket

Figuring out what to do with a speeding ticket can be a hassle. It takes time that you could be spending elsewhere, right? So maybe you just set the ticket to the side for a while. You think “I’ll worry about it next week.” But that week turns into two weeks, and then three, and then all of a sudden your ticket is past due and you have completely forgotten about it. This could lead to a lot of complications that could have easily been avoided if you had just paid the ticket to begin with:


  • Ticket fines will most likely increase. Sometimes, fines will even double if the ticket is not paid within the payment window.
  • Your license could be suspended. Many people don’t realize how quickly this can happen – and all just because of a simple traffic ticket.
  • A warrant could be issued for your arrest. This could mean jail time or community service, but either way, this seems unnecessary for not paying your ticket.


We all know insurance will raise your rates after getting a ticket (usually), but did you know they will raise them even higher when you fail to pay your ticket? There are a lot of ways to remedy your ticket situation – but not paying the citation is not an option. Avoid getting thrown in jail or paying ridiculous fines by simply reading your ticket and promptly deciding what you need to do.

As a traffic ticket attorney, Tad Morlan has seen almost everything when it comes to ticket cases. If you’re not sure what to do with you ticket, call Tad to see how he can help. Having peace of mind is incredibly precious in situations like this, so be sure to use a lawyer you can trust.

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