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Winter Worker’s Comp

What does worker’s comp have to do with winter? Well, for one, there is a significant increase in the amount of worker’s comp claims that are made in the colder months. It’s easy to see why – with winter comes snow, sleet, and ice. This means there are more ways for employees of businesses to get hurt. Worker’s compensation happens when an employee is injured while at the workplace and the employer must pay for the damages. This includes hospital bills, salary while injured, and other things that the employee can’t work.

Being in Missouri, we have to be ready for any type of weather. Especially in the winter, there are a lot of potential dangers as soon as the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Springfield is notorious for the bad weather we get, so businesses have to have certain procedures in place.

Prevention is key (that’s what they always say, right?). Businesses should either have a snow removal service on retainer, or should be prepared to do their own salting and snow removal as soon as snow or ice is forecasted. It’s important to know that businesses are not the only ones that need to practice precautions – employees should also be smart about what they are doing while on company property. Wearing the right shoes for the environment, not carrying anything while walking through the parking lot, and carefully watching the ground for ice formation should all be practices that an employee uses.

By using the preventive approach above, you can save your business a lot of money in the long run. Avoid unnecessary lawsuits by keeping your employees safe on the job and on workplace errands. Since most worker’s comp lawsuits are dynamic and hard to understand, having an attorney is important. A lawyer can answer your questions and fight for you in court. Know what to do in the case of a worker’s comp claim – call Tad Morlan!

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