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5 Ways to Prevent Distracted Driving

Did you know distracted driving is the most cited reason for getting into an accident? For teens and those just learning how to drive, distracted driving is even more likely to occur. With the commonality of technology, it’s becoming harder to find people that drive without their cellphones in hand. 

However, there are some easy precautions we can all take when it comes to preventing distracted driving – whether you’re 16, or 75! Here are some ways you can help make the roads a little bit safer: 


  1. Keep your phone out of reach. Whether that means putting it in the passenger floorboards, or even the trunk, getting it out of the way (and out of sight!) can help you focus on the most important thing when you’re behind the wheel: driving!
  2. Don’t eat while driving. It only takes a few minutes to eat while parked – so just do it! When someone eats while driving, they tend to take at least one hand off of the wheel, making it much more likely to get in an accident. 
  3. Wait to do your makeup once you’ve arrived. Promise, it can wait!
  4. Make sure you are not too tired to drive. For long drives, it can be especially hard to stay awake. When you get too tired, pull over to take a power nap, grab an energy drink, or break your trip into sections.
  5. Stop multitasking. So many people in this age think that they have to be doing multiple things at one time to get it all done – but you don’t. Focus on what’s the most important – your safety. 


None of these tips are hard to complete – they just take discipline! You don’t have to answer every phone call, text, email, tweet, or direct message every single time you get one. In fact, the people sending them would much rather hear from you in 20 minutes versus a call from one of your relatives saying that you’ve been in an accident. 

If you have been in an accident with someone who was driving while distracted, or if you were doing this, it’s always better to have an experienced attorney to handle the case. Auto accidents can go multiple ways, and you need someone that knows what to do – call Tad Morlan today.

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