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Fall Driving Safety Tips

A lot of things happen during the fall; school is back in the swing of things, the leaves are starting to change, and the weather is cooling off (finally!). As we all know, this is the season of deer hunting, holiday rushes, and earlier dark hours… which means we all have more to pay attention to when we’re driving.

Here in Springfield, we know how busy the roads can get the closer it is to the holidays. The traffic is heavier, and with more people out on the roads, well, more accidents are prone to happen! 

Being that fall is the mating season for deer, they are much more likely to jump onto the roadways, causing accidents. 

And we all know that driving at night can hinder many peoples’ driving skills as well…

Which leads to the question – what can we do while driving to stay safe during the fall? 

  • Be aware of temperature/weather changes
    • Watch out for slick or wet spots
    • Clear off your windshield completely of any ice that may accumulate over night
    • Carry extra blankets and coats in your trunk in case of an emergency
  • Know that buses can be unloading children around bends and curves of the highway
    • Give buses extra space on the road to turn and stop
    • Pay attention to crosswalks 
    • Obey all school zone speed limits
  • When driving around sunrise or sunset, watch for deer
    • If you do see a deer, don’t swerve. Swerving often creates an even worse situation!
  • When driving at night or in low light, always use your high beams unless it will affect other drivers coming toward you
    • Be aware of daylight savings time so you know when you will be driving in the dark
  • Have your car serviced regularly
    • Replace your battery if needed
    • Top of windshield wiper fluid
    • Get new tires if tread is worn too much

There are many things to watch out for during the colder months, especially in the city! Make sure you’re doing your part to keep others safe by following the tips above. If you do get into an accident (whether it involves a deer, a school bus, or another driver) call Tad Morlan, an experienced auto accident attorney today at 417 – 865 – 4400. 

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