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Beneficial Items to Have in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

Most everyone has their car “essentials” – that tube of Chapstick that never leaves the console, a pack of gum or even that random pair of shoes crammed in the trunk. But what about the items that will protect or help in a crisis? There are certain items you should always keep packed in the trunk or backseat in case of emergency:

Items needed for car trouble:

You should always keep a small gas can and water in the car. The gas can will come in handy if you ever run out of gas and the water comes in handy for your own hydration if your car were to break down on a hot day or for several hours. The most well-known items for basic car trouble should also be in your vehicle – a spare tire, jack and tire iron. There should also be jumper cables, your car’s manual to reference and a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure for those basic fixes. It can also be a good idea to keep a paper record of any useful numbers, in case your phone dies, such as your insurance agent, AAA, and your family or roommate’s number.

Items needed for an accident:

There are a few items that can be potential life savers during an accident. These items can include a car window breaker/seat belt cutter which should be kept within arms-reach in case of a water submission. If your accident causes you to become stranded, having extra food, water, blankets and jackets in the car is a great idea as well. If you’re injured and unable to find help, it will be your prime objective to keep yourself coherent while waiting for someone to find you.

Extra items for comfort and crisis relief:

Today we rely very heavily on our phones and digital resources. Therefore, keeping a backup charger and car charger in the glove box can be a beneficial idea. You should always keep the basics in your car, such as a flashlight, matches and a map. You never know whenever these items will become handy! It is also a good idea to keep an emergency first aid kit in the car- this can help for cuts, injuries, or accidents that may happen when you either do not need professional medical help or while you wait for them to arrive to the scene. The basic items to keep in your emergency kit are water, snacks, blankets, toilet paper, or paper towels can also be a handy item for cleaning up messes.

You should never have the mindset that nothing will ever happen to you while driving because these accidents happen every day and despite how cautious you are, they can happen. That is why it is good to have a prepared mindset for these situations. A combination of these resources is the best way to go! Below is a comprehensive list of items that you might consider keeping in your car. Know what to do if you find yourself in an accident- Call Tad Morlan!

1.       Spare tire with tire jack and tire iron.

2.       Tire inflator and sealer

3.       Jumper Cables

4.       Your car’s manual

5.       Tire pressure gauge

6.       Duct tape

7.       Car repair information- Business card for your auto repair shop, AAA, or your insurance provider.

8.       First aid kit

9.       Flashlight

10.   Matches

11.   Protein Bars/ nutritious snacks

12.   Water bottles

13.   Weather radio

14.   Maps

15.   Ice scraper

16.   Blanket/ spare coat

17.   USB mobile device charger

18.   Toilet paper/ Paper towels

19.   Multi-tool kit

20.   Gas can

21.   Traction mats, sand or kitty litter

22.   Jumper cables

23.   Car window breaker

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