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How to Fight Drowsy Driving on Long Drives

Most people believe that they can safely make long drives despite being sleepy. Becoming sluggish or unalert behind the wheel can lead to accidents and injuries that everyone wants to avoid. It is important to be able to identify the signs of tiredness and know how to handle drowsiness to protect not only yourself, but everyone on the road!

Maybe you know you’re tired but are unaware on when you are “too tired” to drive. Here are a few signs that you are struggling with staying alert: frequent blinking, heavy eyelids, trouble remembering the last few miles that were driven, yawning, drifting between lanes, hitting the rumble strip or daydreaming.

Drowsy driving can be very dangerous because it impairs our ability to have quick reaction times and the ability to pay attention to the road and surroundings.

Below are a few ways to remain alert and fight the sleep on long drives:

1.       Get a full night of sleep the night before the trip.

2.       If you still feel a little groggy the day of, take a pre-trip nap.

3.       If you feel yourself becoming too tired, pull over in a safe location and take a nap.

4.       If you are able, bring someone on the trip with you. This will allow you to take turns driving and get a few naps in along the way without stops.

5.       Do not drive at nighttime if possible, as the darkness and late-night hours will increase your drowsiness.

6.       Be prepared with caffeine. Keep caffeine on you to help keep your alertness and reaction levels high- keep a good supply on you as the effects will wear off.

Safety should be everyone’s top priority. Do not rush the drive, be sure and pay attention to the warning signals of becoming drowsy and take appropriate action to avoid falling asleep on long drives. Your destination will be there whether you take your time and safely arrive, or you rush through the trip. So, choose the safe option and avoid driving while drowsy!

However, if you find yourself in an accident be sure to use an attorney that can fight for you like Tad Morlan. Know what to do in situations like long drives, and always remember to stay safe!

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