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Motorcycle Safety Tips

More sun and hotter weather means everyone is breaking out the convertibles and motorcycles. People want to show off their rides and it’s important to touch back on ways to stay safe while driving them. If anything, driving a motorcycle means you need to be more careful than a regular driver. According to the Missouri Transportation Department, there has been a steady increase in motorcycle fatalities every year since 2013. Using common sense and staying educated on current traffic laws can help cut down on these fatalities.

Stay alert. A common mistake other drivers make is simply not paying attention to motorcyclists. Watching and anticipating other drivers not seeing you can help you take preventative measures while riding. Be wary of others’ blind spots and pay attention to where cars are turning at all times.

Don’t drive tired or under the influence. This goes for driving a car as well as driving a motorcycle. If you feel yourself getting tired, pull over to take a break somewhere. Stretch, get a drink, and walk around to wake yourself back up if you must keep driving. Never drink and drive any vehicle – this increases the likelihood of getting into an accident and of hurting other people.

Wear the right gear. We recommend wearing leather clothing with gloves and boots in case of an accident – these will protect your skin from the injuries you could potentially sustain. Always wear your helmet with special eye protection to protect from head injuries.

It’s extremely important to follow all traffic laws while driving, regardless of the vehicle. As more motorcyclists are getting out on the roads this spring, the more we all need to be aware of driving safely. Tad Morlan, an experienced motorcyclist accident attorney, can help you recover money damages after an accident – so call today!

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