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Winter Car Maintenance

Protecting your vehicle from harsh, colder weather not only can save you money and time, it can protect you and others on the road! Keeping your vehicle updated and prepared for harsh climates and road conditions can be simple but effective. Here is a winter safety check list for your vehicle:

1.      Replace your windshield wiper blades.

Wiper blades are a crucial piece to a clear windshield and view. Driving through bad road conditions are tricky enough without having to peek through ice and gunk on the window.

2.      Inspect your current tires/consider new tires.

The base of your travel- and the most important. You should inspect your current tires, or have a trusted, experienced person inspect them. If you need new tires, get them. Having low tread or thin tires can cause you to slip on even the slightest ice and lose control!

3.      Check on the state of your vehicle battery.

Your battery is put to the test all summer in the heat and it can drain itself of power. You should make sure that your battery is in good standing to avoid dead batteries or low charges.

4.      Check the oil.

Make sure that your car has the proper amount of oil to start up and run smoothly. The last thing you want in winter is a car that never starts or takes 40 minutes to warm up.

5.      Inspect the thermostat.

The summer months are not the only time to keep an eye out for your thermostat. Your thermostat is the difference in your car overworking itself, blowing up and leaving you stranded, or you being alerted that your car is struggling and pulling over to call for help or give it time to cool off.

6.      Check the antifreeze.

Antifreeze is the fluid that keeps your vehicle alive. Without it you will run into overheating engines, incorrect air conditioners/heaters and problems no one wants to deal with whenever its freezing cold outside. Make sure your antifreeze levels are high and continue to check throughout the season!

7.      Clear your windows/get deicing chemicals.

Again, how hard is it to drive with a small clear section of your windshield visible? This not only endangers you, but everyone else on the road! You should always clear off your windows with deicing chemicals or scrapers.

Don’t endanger yourself or another because you didn’t have the tools or time needed to get your care prepared for winter. Fight the cold and harsh road conditions with these simple and proactive steps to avoiding winter car damage or accidents.

But, if you ever do find yourself in an accident or ticket due to winter or road conditions, call an experienced attorney like Tad K Morlan for assistance. KNOW WHAT TO DO!

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